Happy Spring Recovery from #rockyourfreakinlife!

Rock Your Freakin’ Life!

My Life in Recovery is indeed rockin’! I am so grateful for my long term recovery which means to me, 19 years on March 21, free from alcohol and illegal drugs! I have a great life today thanks to recovery!!

So perfect that in my recovery, anniversary month, I was chosen to to participate in another peer certification made possible  by Georgia Council on Substance Abuse (GCSA) which is led by the awesomeness of Neil Cambell, Executive Director! She is rockin’ the state and nation with a new recovery oriented systems of care!

Through State and Federal grants, Georgia is leading the nation in peer support systems of recovery!

My trainings began in January with:

C.A.R.E.S. (Certified Addiction Recovery Empowerment Specialist)

then in February:

Cultural Competency
with Dr. Dietra Hawkins and Tony Sanchez.in February,

and this month:

Intentional Peer Support with Steven Morgan and Eva Dech.

Great training with Steven and Eva!

Great training with Steven and Eva!

If you have 2 years of recovery, you can apply for C.A.R.E.S!

I have included the links above, so that you can check out the callibre of trainings and certifications that GCSA offers!

Events Rock!

Don’t miss these Recovery Events in April- Everyone is welcome!!

April 16th-

Free Event-Recovery Symposium!

Free Event-Recovery Symposium!

“Chronicles of Hope”, Artists in Recovery.
6pm, Strand Theater in the Marietta Square.

Come experience an art gallery,  dance, music, poetry.

This is a FREE Event! Please R.S.V.P.

April 30th-

Family friendly fund raiser for the ZONE- a Recovery Community coming to Cobb County!

Family friendly fund raiser for the ZONE- a Recovery Community coming to Cobb County!

“R.A.C.E. Revelry!”(Recovery Advocacy Community Empowerment)
Kennesaw Mountain High School, Track and Field
This family friendly event will include an obstacle course, bounce house, all day yoga and fitness classes, face-painting, dance & musical acts, education tables, lunch, concessions and to finish off this amazing community event, an afternoon Relay Race for prizes!

Tickets are $10, lunch included!

Two of my favorite people will be there on the stage:

Soulful, soul healing, singer and teacher,

Musician, teacher, guide

Musician, teacher, guide

John Stringer at 1pm!

And the BEST Zumba teacher ever, with the best fitness line!! Magda Olvera at 4pm

Thank you both for donating your very special talents!!
Check out their websites!

Click on hyperlinks above to get your tickets to both events and connect with fab talent!!

Family rocks! (see pics above!)

My recovery would not be what it is without my family.


My daughter Andie took a gorgeous cruise with her great Aunt Kathy and Uncle Don! She swam with the dolphins, snorkeled, zip-lined and more.


Pablo and Johnny!

Pablo took a soccer trip down to Miami and stayed with our graduate school friend, Johnny Warner.

Tomas, Pope HS Soccer!

Tomas, Pope HS Soccer!

Tomas continues to play hard on the soccer field on Pope HS Varsity with a rockin’ mane!

"Mexican" eggs!

“Mexican” eggs!

And here at the Brooks-Crump household, Spring would not be spring without someone doing the Mexican eggs! This year, I emptied, dried and colored them, marble style, and stuffed them with truffles!

So all this is what rockin’ my freakin’ life looks like to me today: a crazy, learning, loving, laughing, crying, expanding, creating, dancing, and resting life filled with people like you and my family! #lovemyrecovery!

Did I tell you today that I LOVE You, I do!!

Rock on!


My Resume

Pam Brooks-Crump, MBA Recovery Coach and Advocate & CARES

Pam Brooks-Crump, MBA
Recovery Coach and Advocate & CARES


Intention:  To obtain a Management Position that utilizes my skills and experience in facilitating workshops, public speaking and business management to promote Long Term Recovery from Substance Use Disorder and/or Sexual Abuse, to provide experienced Peer Support (Recovery date March 21,1997), and to advocate for those wanting recovery.

Facilitating Workshops/Support Groups
Public Speaking
Fundraising, Marketing, Promotion, Social Media, Newsletters, Website Maintenance, Event Planning, Workshop Development
Proficient in Spanish and French


CEO of Pam Brooks-Crump, Inc. January 2011-present:

  1. Wrote, illustrated, self-published and marketed an ageless picture-book on the power of connection in dealing with challenges and changes called “Mia Inspired! A Caterpillar at a Crossroad”
  2. Founded, marketed and led a monthly support group for entrepreneurs called, “WeCan, We Empower Collaborate and Network”
  3. Developed, organized, marketed and implemented the following workshops/events/activities:
  4. 3 annual events called “Gorgeous Abundance” for 40-100 participants with 4-8 workshop facilitators, 7-22 vendors, a fashion show and silent auction
  5. 5 spiritual retreats to “The Talking Stone Wall,” Florence, Alabama
    Workshops: called “Mirror, Mirror!”, “Spread Your Wings!”, “Rock Your Frickin’ Life!”

Recent Speaking Experience:
Seeker Fest, October 2015; X-Perience Connection, August 2015; Unity North Church, May 2014

CARES (Certified Addiction Recovery Empowerment Specialist), January 2016
Authentic Success Coaching with Robert Holden, Ph.D, November 2013
Happiness Coaching with Robert Holden, Ph.D, November 2012

Volunteer Positions:
Facilitator, drawchange.org 2014-present; Drama Booster Club Board, Alan Pope High School 2009-1011; PTSA Board, High Tower Middle School 2008; Sunday School Teacher, Siddha Yoga Meditation Community, 2005-2009; Room Mom, Murdock Elementary School 2004-2006; Team Mom, Baseball Little League, Cobb County, 2003-2005

Other recent, part-time experience:
Sales Associate, White House Black Market, East Cobb Avenue, April 2012-June 2013
Substitute Teacher, Cobb County Schools, September 2009-March 2011

Masters of Business Administration-International Business, Thunderbird School of Global Management, May 1985
Bachelor of Science-French, University of Georgia, May 1982

“The opposite of addiction is not recovery, it is connection!” CARES Academy
Let’s connect:
Pam Brooks-Crump, Recovery Coach at Rock Your Freakin’ Life
Twitter:                            Skype:
@pambrookscrump         RockYourFreakinLife

 References available upon request. 

February Newsletter-Answering THAT Call!

January was a big month and turning point for me. After unplugging for 3 weeks to go to Mexico for Crump Family Christmas and then 1 week to chill here in ATL, I discovered that it was time for me to answer THAT call.

You know the one I mean…..the one that starts as a whisper, then goes to an inside voice, then an outside voice to finally an all out #RockYourFreakinLife megaphone Voice!! So I am answering that Call. The Call called out to me about a year ago to get training called CARES- Certified Addiction Recovery Empowerment Specialist which I recently completed. This was a life changing week for me 1/25/16-1/29/16, because I realized that I am here to be an advocate for persons in recovery from substance abuse disorder AND for persons in recovery from sexual abuse like myself. I am answering the call….all in perfect timing of course, and the time is now. If you would like to see my resume click here :-)

What this means is that I will be transitioning from an entrepreneur full time to an advocate full time. I am seeking employment with an agency like the Georgia Council on Substance Abuse or One Billion Rising Revolution. Or if you have ideas or connections, let me know!

I will still be sending you Tools to #rockyourfreakinlife and keeping in touch on social media. Don’t be a stranger!!

Sweet, Dear One You are not broken!!

How to #rockyourfreakinlife!
Day 1 of 20!!
Know that you are not broken, no matter how it feels at this moment! Your Dis-ease is not all of you. Treat it as you would treat a sick child. You would not ignore this little one; you would not berate this little one; you would not label him/her as “Broken, no good, used up!”
Honor and Love yourself, Dis-ease and all, for from this knowing little one, you will find healing!!IMG_2794

The Nurtured Soul Inventory – New Growth for You in Sweet ’16!

I am back from a 3 week vacation, 2 weeks in Mexico with my husband’s family (20 of us! ) and one week here in Atlanta just hanging out with my husband and kids!

At this time of year, I take an inventory, instead of and in place of New Year’s resolutions. Check it out….

I call it the Nurtured Soul Inventory!

I learned this inventory concept, when I started my recovery 19 years ago. I have been free from alcohol and drugs since 3/21/97!!

I have tweaked it a bit over the years to fit me, and I recommend you do the same.

First I start with, “What were your AMAZING experiences during 2015?”

I was amazed and grateful for my life as I remembered, wrote down and relished in the many lovely experiences and lessons learned in 2015- these are the “assets” part of the inventory.

Why do I start with the “assets”?
Well, I know that a plant grows from nurturing as does your soul! First we must start with great soil.
Part 2: Now for the Sunshine!

Choose 3-7 values that are important to you.  These are all a part of you rockin’ your freakin’ life; they make  you smile at  the mere thought of them!

Mine are family, career, money, fun, travel, spirituality, & health/body.

Title a page for each value listed above and ask for your Higher Power’s Guidance on each of these. As it comes, write in down on each page. I keep these open for guidance throughout the day, month, and year.

Part 3: The Water

Now the “water” that will nurture you is gratitude!

Watch how a gorgeous flow comes from being grateful!

For each and every experience, for the guidance you receive, both big and small, say Thank you God, Thank you God, Thank you God!

We grow by nurturing our soul, not beating it up!!

Gorgeous Soil, Beautiful Sunshine and Flowing Water- this is #rockyourfreakinlife in a Nurtured Soul!! Contact me at pam@pambrookscrump.com if  you would like to sit down and nurture your soul together!!

Did I tell you today that I love you!?

I do!!



P.S. If you are wondering about the liabilities of the inventory…..most quite easily fall to the wayside when we take the 3 steps above!! Experience it for yourself; do not take my word for it!!

Are you Listening??

The Theme for July is “Are You Questioning!” and “Are you Listening?”
And today what came to me was this next question,”Are you listening?”
My body is telling me yesterday and today to rest, really rest. Am I listening to the Inner Guidance of my magnificent body??
It was not in my plan to take a few down days!! No, darn it! I have been fighting this message. I have things to do and places to be!! I wanted to share what I had heard over the past two weekends!!
I had two incredible life affirming weekends in 10 days- one was spend with Amma, the Hugging Saint( amma.org) and the other was with 75,000 others like me in long-term recovery! We ALMOST filled the GA. Dome!!
What I experienced from both of these events was the message that I am not alone and I am sooooo supported with healing hugs from follow travelers who want to experience more peace, love, fun, and freedom!
From Amma, I experienced her message, “I will take away some of your emotional pain, dear one!” From my recovery convention, I experienced the power of community and tribe!
Now I am hearing to rest, and so it is and so I will let it be!!
Did I tell you today that I LOVE you?? I do!! :D:D:D

Theme for July- “Questioning!?”

Screenshot 2015-07-02 16.10.24Just a short video today introducing the Theme for July.

Every day, I want to question myself, “Does this bring me Joy? or What brings me Joy?” Also ask your loved ones, your partner, your friends the same question.

Suggestion 1: Before saying yes to a program,  an event,  a weekend, ask questions, and get answers.

Suggestion 2. Before saying yes, sit with the possibilities for 24-48  hours and ask for guidance from your Source, your Higher Self, Your Inner Child or a trusted friend.

Suggestion 3. Before agreeing with what someone tells you THEY think you should do, Question yourself….Question within to get my own answers.

Suggestion 4. When you hear an “expert” speaking whether this be a spiritual leader, a coach, a parent, a friend, pause and take it in to your own heart for guidance. Ask, Do I agree or not? Would I like to investigate more or not?

Bottom line for me is this…..As many of us as there are…..there are that many ways to experience God!

Question, beautiful being question, so that you are truly your OWN gorgeousness, as you were created, unique and beautiful just the way you are!!


This month there will be One Grand WECAN Meeting this month on July 14th with our presenter Aalia Saddique!

Click here for more info and to register!

Theme for June 2015 is “Coming Home!”


It seems an appropriate theme for this time of year, doesn’t it? As for us here at the Brooks-Crump household, all the kids have returned home…from college, from high school out for the summer!
It means that there is lots of activity, energy, lots of hungry young people around, lots of JOY, FUN, and cell phones!!
Part of me is delighted with the full house, part of me wants to scream, part of me wants to run, part of me wants to forget about work and just hang out. 

So, when I feel this array of feelings, I turn inward to my Higher Self and Source, my Inner Child to get some answers. What came was this:

 A place that I call “400 Screened in Porch Way!” (400SIPW) You can even find it as a location on Facebook! I do not know where the 400 came from…I will get back to you on that 😀
What I do know is that when there are changes going on that get me out of my center, then it is time to “Come Home” to me, my Source, my Higher Self and my Inner Child to get answers. 
I didn’t have to run, didn’t have to join the “Young People’s Gang”, didn’t have to forget about my Coaching and WECAN. I just have to go to 400SIPW for some connection/ME time for some answers. Everything I need to know is there! 
Did I tell you today that I LOVE you?? I do!! :D:D:D

All your ducks do not have to be in a row!

A friend of my son Pablo’s, came over the other day. I just love it when they come over to connect and talk to “Pamama” as they call me.
IMG_2194This kid is usually very upbeat, but not that day. He looked a little defeated.

I asked him what was going on and he first answered that it was girl problems. But a second thought, he looked me straight in the eyes, pointed to his himself and said, “No, she is not the problem, it is me.” He continued,

I want to have a family and settle down, but I do not feel like I deserve it until I have lots of money and a career. I feel like I do not deserve her…yet.”

Now, this got me to thinking. Since I know everyone in front of me is a mirror of me in some way, how was this young man mirroring me??

It became very clear. I too had a belief within there somewhere that if I did not have all my ducks in a row, then I did not deserve the success,  happiness, ease that I want.

As I got quiet to meditate a bit, I heard my Higher Power say,

“My Beloved, the Love you seek is “Done!” The Abundance- “here already, Done!” The Laughter-“Done!” The Sweet Life-‘Done!”‘

“Only you, child of mine, are judging that the ducks need to be anywhere other than where they are!”

So when we connect to the Eteranl Truth, we have the knowing that we are Enough, NOW!

We Deserve, NOW!

We are already all that we are seeking on the outside of us!

Change your mind, change your life.

Connect with your Heart where the Truth lies, you will experience  the REAL You! You will experience the Love, Success, Happiness, Ease that is your birthright!

All the ducks are just swimming along in the perfect order enjoying the water and their gorgeous reflection!!

Be Well, Be Blessed, BeLoved!

Did I tell you today that I Love you????

I do!!


Announcing WECAN Experience!!


Announcing WECAN Experience!!

You are there at WECAN connecting supporting creating action steps for your biz, dancing of course, getting real and having fun!

Now you got more options!!

1. You can leave.


2. You can continue deepening your connections and friendships from 12:45-1:30 for:

WECAN Experience Potluck!

(Potlluck Vegan, Gluten-free Lunch right
there the WECAN meeting room)

Then even more options!!!!! I love options! Big :-)

1. You can choose to leave after the Potluck


2. You can stay from 1:30-3:30pm for WECAN Experience-

a seminar with one of our tribe to learn tools for your biz/ life!

2/10/15-2nd Tuesday Chapter

After Rosie Milan’s presentation(click here for more info and to register)


Rosie Milan (2nd from right) seen here at Gorgeous Abundance- A WECAN conference.

Join us for: 

WECAN Experience I 

The First WECAN Experience – a free seminar with Debra Donaldson Scott, certified financial planner! 

IMG_1934.JPGDebra (2nd from right) seen here on a WECAN Heal Retreat!

Remember last month and we just needed some more time with Debra? Well now you’ve got it the chance and

This Seminar is free!

2/20/15  3rd Friday Chapter
after the presentation by Nancy Gnecco, Click here for more info and to register!


Nancy Gnecco (2nd from right)seen here at our priestess emergence ! (l-r-Pam, Bonnie, Nancy and Seble)

WECAN Experience II

Join us for a “Yoga Rebirthing Breathe” facilitated by Ananda Healing, certified rebirthing facilitator.

Ananda and I on my birthday after a fab Breathe!

The cost of the Breathe is $25.

These are priceless! The breathe releases stuck energies in our cells, so WECAN experience more Love, Joy, Source!


Please register for the meetings and seminars at